Wineshipping - service for tourism

Wine shipping service for tourism

Wine shipping service for wine tourism . Verona Sped offers wine shipping for the USA market with import licenses to export wine in the legality and with all the taxation required.

  • Worldwide shipping for companies and private
  • Customs and tax assistance
  • Digital application for the shipping and the economic transaction
  • Retreat and protective packaging
  • Professional customer service

The landmark for winery and food products

Verona Sped is a company specialized in the wine and food shipping worldwide. Thanks to many years of experience we can offer to you a service build on your own requests.

  • Perishable food shipping with temperature controlled
  • Wine shipping for tourism
  • Wine USA logistics with federal import licenses
  • Advice for food & wine start up companies
  • Specific packaging for food shipping with temperature controlled
wine and food shipping worldwide

Prodotti BIO e Gluten Free

Food & Wine shipment world wide

Verona Sped respects the HACCP protocol, which guarantees 72 hours of cold chain.
With our specific packaging system called “Keatchen” we can ship wines, fresh and frozen foods all over the world.
Suitable for producers, e-commerce platform and economical activities.
Foods such as seasoned cheeses and cured meats, bakery products, fresh pasta, sweets, vegan products, are the products we send.

They arrived at their final destination in the respect of positive or negative cold chain.
We organize the shipment with the same care which you used to select the products .